Simplify Your Restaurant Operation By Clicking On An iPad

Genius Pos designed as user friendly, more features, stable, affordable and simple.

The No.1 Best ipad Pos System Designed For Restaurant

How ipad system works ?


The waiter/waitress will taking order from the customers by clicking on the ipad only.

send to kitchen

The chef will receive an order list and prepare the food accordingly.

link to cashier

Received the order and automatically calculate the total amount of the bill.

cloud report

Cloud system auto generating the real time report. The restauranteur can check the report at anytime anywhere.

user friendly interface


QR online ordering makes ordering super easy and fast, customer scans QR Code on the table, browse menu online, add remarks on items based on their preferences and send orders directly to the kitchen. Restaurant owner can save up labour cost effectively by hiring lesser server.

Furthermore, when customer order online for food delivery through Genius QR ordering all orders will be sync between online to cashier and straight to the kitchen. [NO MORE DOUBLE ENTRY TO AVOID MISTAKES]

Owners can also setup collection / delivery rules, charges, promo codes and pre order to attract through Genius online QR ordering


Kitchen display system helps to simplify communications between servers and kitchen staffs. When server ring up orders in Genius POS, kitchen display system immediately bring them right in front of your kitchen staff eyes in their respective terminals, no time wasted, reduce human errors and thus enhance kitchen operation efficiency.